hawk and axel

In 2009, Hawke+Axel Glass was contracted by Steuben Glass to produce over one-hundred spiral staircase balusters for a newly-built luxury apartment. Steuben Glass searched globally to find a company that was willing to tackle the sizable and extremely precise project before commissioning Hawke+Axel Glass. Since then, we have produced an assortment of beautifully crafted balusters for residences that are unique to any other home in the world. Crafted from the finest materials, our balusters are not only a striking architectural feature, but also mesmerizing pieces of art.

We take great pride in being the sole producer of such an exclusive, high quality product. Whether traditional or contemporary, we can design a baluster for any décor. Since each project is unique, we work closely with you from start to finish to ensure the installation is performed seamlessly.